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Offerings and Services

Please see below for more information and session descriptions.

Session Types

Introductory SESSION

- This session is designed for you to touch in, ask any questions and establish your match for what is offered here.

- It is not essential to book this session prior to your first session if you are already familiar with Tom and would like to go ahead and book a full session.

- This session is available for the first session only

Transformation and Embodiment Session

- This session incorporates a broad array of modalities to help you align with your greatest expression and live from that place.

- Sessions may or may not include aspects of embodiment (yoga, dance, qi gong, voice activation, posture). Tom is attuned and intuitively guided to include these modalities as he feels called to in session.

- Tom is passionate about facilitating others to find expressiveness and intimacy with their bodies and voice so if you have always wanted to be able to dance and sing from your true authentic self then this is the session for you!

- Sometimes sessions may take the form of coaching and facilitation without any embodiment practices or processes, according to your wishes and what is most beneficial for you in the moment.

Peer Coaching / Embodiment Session

- Please select this option if you are also in the wellbeing space and have arranged privately for peer sessions with Tom.

5 Session package

- 10% discount on sessions. Package valid for 6 months.

Tom also offers partial scholarship or a sliding scale in some circumstances. Please enquire at

Appreciation Shared with clients

Wow!  What an amazing coaching session I experienced with Tom!  I didn’t know what to expect when he explained his unique approach of integrating transformational coaching with music and movement.  I didn’t expect it to have the profound impact that it did have on me. 

Tom’s gentle and loving coaching style created a safe space for me to explore and dive deep.  Very quickly Tom helped me access a part of myself that I had hidden away.  Once I got in touch with this part, it was clear that it wanted to be heard.  The introduction of the music and movement was instrumental in helping me to connect deeper with this part and allow it to express itself through my body.  It was powerful, enlivening and enlightening.    I am so grateful to Tom for the experience and for his loving presence throughout.  The session opened up new aspects of myself to explore, as I continue on my personal transformational journey.

Yvonne, Ireland

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