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1:1 Transformation & Embodiment Session

Service Description

This session includes transformational coaching and embodiment facilitation including voice, movement and dance to facilitate transformational processes and help you fully be and live from your Greatest Self!

Cancellation Policy

BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY Please note: - Time zones are displayed in your local time zone - Please check your inbox for confirmation email for your appointment (ensure you check junk/spam folder if you do not see it) - If you book an appointment, please be there on time and fully present and get the most from your session. - In general, please be aware that if you cancel or rechedule, Tom most likely loses the opportunity to meet with someone else. - Cancellation/reschedule is not possible within 48 hours of the appointment time. - If there is a legitimate extenuating circumstance, you are welcome to ask Tom to reschedule and he will use his discretion to grant the reschedule or not. Multiple or habitual appointment cancellations and reschedules will not be granted. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details

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