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About Tom

Tom's work sits at the nexus of spirituality, science and personal practice and experience. He holds a Bachelor of Advanced Science (neuroscience) and a Bachelor of Arts. He has been a practicing yogi for 8 years and has learned under the guidance of Craig Holliday, a gifted meditation and yoga master teacher in the lineage of Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry, India. When Tom was 21 years of age he read Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now, which led to his initial transcendent awakening experiences. Tom then experienced a full energetic awakening in 2016 which radically reoriented his way of being and understanding.

The experience of this particularly embodied form of awakening also led to Tom's keen interest in how yoga, dance and movement embodiment can support transformational processes, leading to greater integration and manifestation of higher realities and states of being both in the body and in the world.

His spiritual influences include his root teacher Craig Holliday, the non-dual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Rupert Spira, Thich Nhat Hanh, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Sir David R. Hawkins, Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas), Ammachi, Gangaji, Neville Goddard, Ester Hicks and the law of attraction teachings. He has also studied the Enneagram teachings as presented by Eli Jaxon Bear and the Leela School of Awakening. The enneagram is a powerful tool for catalysing and understanding our individual soul paths and for working compassionately with our egoic tendencies. Through his experiences and observations, Tom came to see that spiritual attainment still requires an organised psychology to thrive in this world and create a life of Love and a life that you love. For this reason Tom also trained in transformational coaching to assist in supporting transformation at all levels of the psyche, body and spirit. Tom is also involved in organising and running dance events for his local community and believes passionately in the power of movement and dance for transformation and joy!

Tom's work is well suited to those seeking guidance in transformational processes as well as those who are wishing to:

          ❂ Step into new states of being

          ❂ Come into greater integration and wholeness

          ❂ Learn and master amazing and highly effective processes for self mastery and life design

          ❂ Cultivate genuine and foundational self love and compassion

          ❂ Manifest their dreams and desires

          ❂ Express authentically and intimately, especially in the realms of voice, movement and dance, and                                                    resonate with the idea of combining this with coaching elements

          ❂ Fully integrate and express aligned and supportive belief systems, and

          ❂ Live from their wonderful and ever-evolving highest self. 

About Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching differs from other forms of coaching in that it aims at facilitating and guiding processes where who we feel we 'are' is changing at deep levels. It is therefore well suited to supporting the emergence of new identities and holding space for the dissolution of old ones. It is also an excellent modality for spiritual processes where this occurs as a natural byproduct of the path, and is able to assist in building a strong, empowered sense of self whilst also supporting underlying realisations that are beyond the ego-self. Transformational coaching can be highly valuable whether or not someone has a particular spiritual interest.

Tom's integrative approach is designed to assist you in calibrating to the Highest version of you, knowing that with this inner shift, pleasing outer manifestations are the natural by-product. 

About Embodiment

Although coaching is a big part of Tom's work, he may also include aspects of embodiment into sessions. Embodiment is the process by which new ways of being become mapped into the body such that new states and beliefs can influence powerful and productive action and tangible results. He is guided intuitively to use elements of yoga, dance, voice activation or other processes to give you a felt experience that can become an anchor or reference point for your life after sessions. Music and dance especially can be used to assist this process of releasing the old and welcoming the new, and can be highly transformative, energising and fun! Tom works in a client led way that honours you and your unique process and path.

Tom is deeply committed to facilitating your fullest expression in this world, and knows that it is experiences that truly impart and anchor in new ways of being. 

Energetic Awakening

Tom also provides guidance and information related to energetic (or embodied) awakening processes (known as kundalini awakening in the yogic tradition). Please see his Youtube channel The Sunlit Centre for Meditation and Embodiment for information related to navigating these processes.


  • Bachelor of Science (adv) (neuroscience)/Bachelor of Arts
  • Certified Deep Transformational Coach ~ Centre for Transformational Coaching
  • Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity
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